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Sadly, DACA and TPS have been gutted by the current U.S. government. 

DACA renewals are still going forward. TPS is less sure. 

One important point about TPS is that TPS holders in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan are able to adjust status to get their green cards without a waiver and without having to travel internationally. This may not last so contact us soon. 

Temporary Protected Status

If you have TPS - Temporary Protected Status, it is constantly about to expire. You need to re-register whenever you work permit is about to expire. Pay attention to the news so that you know when you are eligible to renew, if at all. 

Getting Permission to Travel to Your Home CountryYou can get permission to travel home to with TPS, which may benefit you in the future. This permission is called Advanced Parole. You can submit the application, Form I-131, along with your TPS Renewal. This will allow you to go see family. 


If you are an undocumented or "illegal" immigrant and moved to the U.S. before you turned 16 years old, you may have been eligible for DACA. DACA provides protection from deportation, an employment card, and eligibility for some government benefits. However, currently no new applicants can apply. Anyone with DACA should be renewing their work permits regularly, in case the program gets eliminated. 


If you moved to the U.S. as a kid, you should look into DACA if it returns. 

Contact MIRA Legal at 615-307-6472 or by email at for help with your DACA case today. 

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