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For Single Payments:

To Set Up a Monthly or Recurring Payment:


*In order to receive your receipt, you must have any Ad blocker and pop-up blocker turned off for the site. In your browser, select "Always Allow" or select "Options for this site..." and choose "Always Allow".*

  1. Select "Credit Card"

  2. Put in your payment information 

  3. Complete the CAPTCHA by checking the box, "I am not a robot"

  4. Submit

If you get an error page that looks like the image below, DO NOT SUBMIT AGAIN. That means that the payment worked, but that you had an Ad blocker or Pop-up blocker that prevented you from getting your receipt. Please contact MIRA Legal to get your receipt. 

To set up a recurring payment, go to the section "Recurring Payment":

  • In the box "Payment Frequency", select how often to make the payment. For example, "Monthly".

  • In the box "Number of Payments", type the number of monthly payments to make. For example, you could have 4 monthly payments

  • In the box "Recurring Start Date", select the date to make your first monthly payment

  • In the box "Recurring Amount", type the amount of the monthly payment with the cents. So 500.00, not 500. 

Error page payment.JPG
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